A Word From The President

Our commitment to Brazil...

Welcome to Vivace Process Intruments portal. Here you can follow our products, services, news and have the possibility to interact with our company.

Vivace comes from Italian, meaning vivacious, cadenced and fast motion. That is the way we see the future being built, in a harmonious and rapid way. That is how we manage our business and face our challenges.

The company was born to grow, inspire with courage to change, leave the obvious and overcome challenges. More than this, start a new phase on the development and supply of industrial automation products and services in Brazil. Everything to keep our major value: your trust.

Our strategies are fully aligned to what market and society wait for. Vivace Process Instruments is a company founded in the principles of ethic, responsibility and commitment to its partners, customers and providers. We seek the balance and good social working, keeping in mind what is fair for the company and the society, so we can offer impartial, transparent and respectful relations to people and environment.

Thus we can achieve our mission and that is what motivate ourselves to be reinvented, to get updated and to be a company towards the future, always offering a new technology horizon for the world.

Day after day Vivace has as main priority to contribute in order to make people, companies and partners to achieve their full potential. Our technology and products are developed to provide expressive results to our customers and to contribute to the evolution of Brazilian competition.

For Vivace, technology means transformation. Transformation of people lives, companies and society makes the difference for us every day. It is promote and collaborate to sustainable environment for a better world, keeping our relation to people as closest as possible, developing technologies to offer benefits in a responsable and legal form, preserving the environment and generating resources for our country.

The industrial automation technology field is growing at a fast pace and follow this pace requires high capable professionals. Our team carry a rich, over 25-years experience history, with the knowledge to fulfill our values to promote the development of our company. Vivace is ready to face changes and challenges with the appropriate pace: our growth has been planned on focused strategies on innovation to identify the opportunities and transpond limits.

Innovation, quality of relations, value generation for all, safe environment, sustainable consumption and production. That is Vivace Process Instruments.

Thank you customer and friend, to partners and suppliers for trusting in our company.

Have a nice reading.

César Cassiolato