Privacy Policy


Vivace Process Instruments knows the importance on treating the privacy subjects on the Internet and believes you should understand exactly how we are going to treat any information about you which we may receive through our website.

Information about online visit on Vivace website

We assume the commitment with safety and privacy to users, products and services.


You can visit Vivace's website with no need to reveal your identity or any kind of personal information. Our webserver will have access to web addresses, but not e-mail addresses from our visitors. 

In general, we will collect user information about website users in groups so we can generate access statistical data, for example, from which region users access our website most frequently and which types of services, products and documents are most viewed. The only reason here is to improve quality and offer easier access to our website, as well as to our products and services.

However, on personalized forms, personal questions exist in order to trace user profile and adequate our services according to customer preferences. Vivace has the commitment to not share any information entered by user with any person or company without previous allowance from user.


Generally, all personal information obtained from Vivace website will be used to only for answering questions, processing orders, registering products or allowing user access to specific registration information. 

It is also common for us to ask users to give us information on market surveys, for example, suggestions on products and functionalities, demographic information and products experience. 

Ocasionally we may share e-mail addresses from users with organizations we believe can offer products or services that may help user's needs, but those informations will not be trade in any form.


Vivace website uses "cookies" technology in order to keep data to identify any user on the next visit, so the access can be executed in an easier and faster way, accessing services already available. No confidential information or personal data will be stored in "cookies". This technology also does not extern any personal or user's computer data information.
It is possible to configure browser to warn you anytime a “cookie” is received, so you can decide whether to accept it or not.

Website links

Vivace website contains links to external websites, for example, Vivace distributors and sales representants.

Even with the concern to keep only known websites, with the same high-safety pattern and privacy respect, Vivace cannot be responsible for the content or privacy policies used by those websites.


User has the responsability to guarantee the security of his own computer, as well as the protection and antivirus softwares. Systems used by Vivace website do not affect the original configuration of user's computer.

User is also responsible for keeping his computer environment safe, by using antivirus and firewall available tools, updated and contributing on electronic risk prevention.


It is recommended to verify this policy periodically, so it can be changed with no early warning obligation.

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