It is up to us...

Vivace Process Instruments is always working to balance its business activities protecting environment and nature.Our activities must be according to the present law in the security, environment and health areas.


Vivace implements acting forms capable of minimizing the non-renewable resources consumption, maximizing the use of every material in its productive processes, avoiding natural resources waste and promoting recycling and alternative use of discarded materials or production exceedings on productive processes, reducing water and energy use, always searching for materials and alternative forms for production.


We work with risk analysis inherent to our activities, identifying them, managing them to avoid any kind of accident and assuring the effect minimization.


All Vivace's project must follow the present law during the entire life cycle, offering the best practices for safety, environment and health.


As part of our management system, continuous improvement of security performance, environment and health must always be promoted for all levels, in order to assure its advance on those areas.


Safe environment, sustainable consumption and production, quality of relations and value generation for all. This is Vivace Process Instruments.