Vivace Process Instruments expresses a serious commitment to ethics on customers, collaborators, partners, suppliers, community and society relationships.

For us, ethics is the balance and good social working having in mind what is fair for the company and for the society. It provides integral, impartial, transparent, respectful relations to people, diversity and environment.



Integrity and ethics are pillars of da Vivace Process Instruments.

The company is committed to a high-level integrity pattern in all segments and adopts a zero-tolerance policy for the cases where could have been any kind of integrity or ethics violation.


We have work in a sistematic approach in order to prevent, detect and solve any situation of potential integrity problem.

We sincerely hope that all of our direct and indirect collaborators act in an ethical and integral way, offering benefits to our customers with quality products and services, according to the law.


Act with ethics and integrity does not restricts business development. Instead, it aggregates value, supports growth and makes the pursuit of excelence easier for all levels, bringing gains for social responsibility for all of us.

Any behaviour contrary to that will result in a disciplinary action, causing a possible employment rescission or contract cancellation for supplying or services with Vivace Process Instruments.