Intelligent and qualified manufacturing

Vivace Process Instruments establishes, documents, executes and keeps a Quality Management System according to NBR ISO 9001:2008 and its policy establishes as a strategical mission to manage and keep a quality leadership reputation of its products and services, in order to achieve and overcome customers expectations.


Pursuit quality for all existing processes is a primordial mission, always seeking for continuous improvement in all tasks that aggregate value to product or service.


As part of this mission, Vivace adopts on its manufacturing process the philosophy of Lean Manufacturing management, focused on cost reduction, competitive seeking and continuous improvement. This philosophy is the proven way to better quality, production and reduction of costs and deadlines.


Lean Manufacturing practices covers the creation of continuous flow and systems based on the real customer demand, analysis and improvement of the product and production chain flow, from the raw material to the finalized product.


On the Lean Manufacturing environment, the sources of waste are decreased in each of the following areas: quality; motion and transport; finalized products stock; raw material or processing material.


Using this method, Vivace scales its production processes, eliminating unnecessary stocks, with the production following the customer demand. The stronger the production line, more reliable becomes the process, decreasing rework and problem margins.


Lean Manufacturing allows Vivace to have a clearer sense of people and products, motivating the company to perform continuous improvements more than just to fulfill the customer’s requirements.