Vivace Process Instruments establishes, documents, executes and keeps a Quality Management System according to NBR ISO 9001:2008, seeking for:

  • Demonstrate its capacity to develop technology, trade products and execute qualified services that fulfill the customers needs, legal requirements and;

  • Amplify customer satisfaction through effective application of the system and continuous improvement.

The company policy establishes as strategical goal to reach and keep a leadership reputation with product and service quality, always focusing on reaching and overcoming customer expectations.


Vivace Process Instruments recognizes that human factor is the main piece to obtain full quality of its system, so all the support must be given to it to guarantee the perfect understanding of this commitment.


Seeking quality in every existent process is the priority misison for us, always focusing on continuous improvement for all the tasks that aggregate value to product or service, enphasizing collaborators participation and teamwork.


Environment preservation and collaborator individual safety are considerated high level priority and must have all support from the company direction board. Our longevity is directly connected to our capacity of contributing to the evolution of the society and its sustainable development.


In order to attend this policy, delegates to each of its collaborators personal commitment, encouraging e making easier to obtain confidence, simplicity and agility on each executed task.


This policy, followed by internal procedures and routines, will support Vivace management system, which the company director's board commits to assure that its customers requirements are fulfilled in a satisfatory way. All the methods and tools used for management have the strategical planning as reference, aligned to the latest international patterns and models, documented and periodically verified, in order to guarantee processes quality, continuous improvement, results efficiency and recognition.


The Direction Board is committed to the development and execution of the Quality Management System and the continuous improvement of its activities. For that reason, the following actions are taken by the Direction<:/p>

  • Give the correct importance to attend customer needs and regulamentary requirements;
  • Accomplish the Quality Policy;
  • Guarantee that Quality Goals will be reached as planned;
  • Critically analyze the implemented Quality Management System;
  • Provide structure and resources in order to support Vivace Process Instruments Strategy Plans;
  • Guarantee efficiency and effectiveness of processes using methods os performance measurement, such as customer satisfaction evaluation and important data analysis.


Vivace Process Instruments processes are operated having as basic premiss to attend efficiently cutomer needs and expectations, seeking for:

  • Identify opportunities of process, product and service improvement;
  • Aggregate value to customers, resulting in faster processes.

Additionally, there are monitores information to ensure that Vivace Process Instruments is operating according to the specified requirements and attendind customer expectation and needs. Those informations can be obtained through the satisfaction survey on website, complainings or direct communication with customers.


The Direction Board establishes and ensure that Quality Policy is understood, implemented and kept in all Organization levels.