Social Responsibility

For a better future, today!

Vivace Process Instruments believes Social Responsibility is an obrigatory commitment for the sustainable development and face it as part of its business.


The company activities are treated with ethics and transparency in all levels and sectors, keeping respect to the human and cultural diversity in the internal and external relations, with partners and customers, forbiding any kind of discrimination, contributing to child/slave work eradication and promoting citizenship and social difference minimization.


For Vivace, Social Responsibility is to promote and add value to sustainable development of Brazil, keeping the relation with the community as closest as possible, developing technologies to offer benefits to society, in a responsible and legal way, preserving environment e generating gains for the country.


With all of those initiatives, Vivace Process Instruments contributes to improve the perspective of future of people.


Quality of relations, value generation for all, safe environment, sustainable consumption and production. This is Vivace Process Instruments.