Vivace Process Instruments is a company that provides products and services for industrial automation and control.

The company is composed by a multidisciplinary team of over 25-years experienced professionals working on automation and instrumentation market, having large experience on the development of industrial automation and instrumentation technology, such as HART®/4-20mA, WirelessHART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus technologies, in addition to integrating those communication protocols on customer products, working together on the choice of the best option and technology to attend the customer needs.

Some of Vivace technical competences:

  • R&D team with experience in field devices and communication protocols (HART®, FF, Profibus, WirelessHART etc);
  • Large knowledge on developing mechanical and electronic hardware, firmware and software;
  • Experience on developing DTM/EDDL configuration tools;
  • Large knowledge on the concepts to develop explosion proof/intrinsic safety and SIS (safety instrumented system) projects;
  • Ethical, multitask, flexible, multidisciplinary R&D team;
  • Strong relation with automation/instrumentation technology organizations;
  • Leadership, focused on result, timetomarket optimization with commitment and responsibility to quality and customer needs;
  • R&D team prepared to be challenged and determined to perform it with precision as soon as possible;
  • Specialists on temperature, pressure, level, density, position measurements;
  • Experience on national and international automation market.

Vivace Process Instruments develops state-of-art technology, always seeking for the best cost/benefit relation for its customers. Its products and technologies improve efficiency, productiveness and quality of the operations. We develop with creativity and innovation.

All this know-how attends the most rigorous quality patterns and it is ready to work for any customer, for all the actuation segments, with high-technology and compatible cost solutions for each application.