Vivace's field device family focused on position monitoring of linear and rotative systems. Available on HART® 7 / 4 - 20 mA and Profibus PA communication protocols, these devices were developed with extremely low-consumption technology and high performance, offering robust, high-accurate and safe measurements, just like the final control elements demand.

Using a magnetic sensor free of mechanical contact to the actuator/valve element, Vivace's position devices provide reliable and stable measurements and control on environments exposed to temperature and vibration, with no affection of the proccess or measurement integrity. For extreme cases, a special assembled remote sensor is offered, keeping the device away from the noise and problem area.

Besides its excelent performance, the devices provide auxiliar diagnostics for predictive maintenance of the final elements they are connected to, configured and monitored by easy to handle tools, allowing user to have full control of process general status.

Main Benefits

  • Long-term high accuracy and measurement/control stability
  • Magnetic sensor (local or remote) with no mechanical contact
  • Environment temperature measurement
  • Fail safe configuration
  • Personalized charcterization of measurement / acting curve
  • Predictive maintenance diagnostics
  • 5-digit, rotative, multitask, bargraph LCD
  • Intuitive, configurable, fast edition local adjust
  • Available in HART® 7 /4-20mA and Profibus-PA
  • NAMUR NE43 (HART® 7 /4-20mA model)

Know Our Products


VTP10 - Contactless Position Transmitter

VTP10 is a position transmitter for control final elements, working on linear or rotative movements for HART e Profibus-PA protocols.
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VVP10 - Valve Positioner

VVP10 is a smart positioner designed to work with linear or rotary valve actuators, providing precision and control with high availability and reliability.
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