Vivace Process Instruments is a company that provides products and services for industrial automation and control.

The company was born to grow, inspire with courage to change, leave the obvious and overcome challenges. More than this, start a new phase on the development and supply of industrial automation products and services in Brazil. Everything to keep our major value: your trust.


Vivace is composed by a multidisciplinary team of over 25-years experienced professionals working on automation and instrumentation market, having large experience on project techniques, maintenance and installation, in addition to knowledge of all process segments such as sugar & ethanol, mining, oil & gas, paper & cellulose, food & beverage and others.


The team of developers has large experience on the development of industrial automation and instrumentation technology, successfully supporting national and international companies on the conception, specification, implementation and certification of industrial automation development projects. It also offers software and hardware projects on HART®/4-20mA, WirelessHART, Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus technologies, in addition to integrating those communication protocols on customer products, working together on the choice of the best option and technology to attend the customer needs.


Some of Vivace technical competences:


  • R&D team with experience in field devices and communication protocols (HART®, FF, Profibus, WirelessHART etc);
  • Large knowledge on developing mechanical and electronic hardware, firmware and software;
  • Experience on developing DTM/EDDL configuration tools;
  • Large knowledge on the concepts to develop explosion proof/intrinsic safety and SIS (safety instrumented system) projects;
  • Ethical, multitask, flexible, multidisciplinary R&D team;
  • Strong relation with automation/instrumentation technology organizations;
  • Leadership, focused on result, timetomarket optimization with commitment and responsibility to quality and customer needs;
  • R&D team prepared to be challenged and determined to perform it with precision as soon as possible;
  • Specialists on temperature, pressure, level, density, position measurements;
  • Experience on national and international automation market.

Vivace Process Instruments establishes, documents, executes and keeps a Quality Management System according to NBR ISO 9001:2008, seeking for:

  • Demonstrate its capacity to develop technology, trade products and execute qualified services that fulfill the customers needs, legal requirements and;
  • Amplify customer satisfaction through effective application of the system and continuous improvement.


Being an international reference on industrial automation market providing efficient, robust and innovative solutions.


Provide efficient products, services and engineering solutions to the industrial automation segment through an innovative international performance, offering an attractive and sustainable business environment to our customers, investors and suppliers.



Balance and good social working keeping in mind what is fair to the company and to society.

Corporate Effort

We support any and every individual work that ends in better corporate results, in order to aggregate knowledge and capacity to overcome challenges.


We believe that our capacity to transform new ideas and technologies in solutions guarantee the company future


It is our daily effort to improve and always the will to make it happen to ensure the attractiveness of our solutions.


To develop the most efficient forms of answering customers needs, increasing our capacity to overcome the challenges.


To be capable of creating results effectively balanced to the economical, social and ecological aspects, getting the preference from our customers and investors.

The policy of Vivace Process Instruments establishes as estrategical objective to manage and keep a quality leadership reputation for its products and services, in order to always achieve and overcome customers expectations.

The company recognizes that human factor is the main piece to obtain full quality of its system, so all the support must be given to it to guarantee the perfect understanding of this commitment.

Pursuit quality for all existing processes is a primordial mission, always seeking for continuous improvement in all tasks that aggregate value to product or service, with focus on the participation of each collaborator and teamwork.

Environment preservation and collaborator individual safety are considerated high level priority and must have all support from the company direction board. Our longevity is directly connected to our capacity of contributing to the evolution of the society and its sustainable development.

In order to attend this policy, delegates to each of its collaborators personal commitment, encouraging e making easier to obtain confidence, simplicity and agility on each executed task.

This policy, followed by internal procedures and routines, will support Vivace management system, which the company director's board commits to assure that its customers requirements are fulfilled in a satisfatory way. All the methods and tools used for management have the strategical planning as reference, aligned to the latest international patterns and models, documented and periodically verified, in order to guarantee processes quality, continuous improvement, results efficiency and recognition.


Vivace Process Instruments is represented by the following logo:

The logo is composed by two colors with company name and the letter V in a shield shape. The name Vivace and the shield are associated to the idea of Vivacious, alive, while the logo style represents growing and robustness.