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Contactless Position Transmitter

VTP10 is a Contactless Position Transmitter that was projected to monitor linear or rotative movement systems, such as valve actuators. Linear or rotary applications: manual and modulating control valves, sluice gates, tilting systems, conveyor belt alignment, level measurement etc.


Its main function is to calculate the correct position for system where it was installed, according to user calibration and configurations, exporting this measurement to digital communication Profibus-PA or HART (4-20 mA).

The measuring system has no mechanical contact with the system to be measured, since it works on magnetic field effect, in order to guarantee high precision and immunity to mechanical variations. Easy to install and to initialize, the transmitter also offers environment temperature measurement and several predictive diagnostics to help system maintenance, such as a position histogram and reversal, strokes and mileage counters.

It can be configured, calibrated and monitored by configurators and tools based on EDDL® or FDT/DTM® technologies, according to specific protocol.

The DTM Libraries for HART and Profibus-PA devices can be found on:
HART    Profibus-PA


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