Vivace, in addition to its complete line of products for industrial automation, has a multidisciplinary technical team and can help customers in several areas. Protect your investments through a partnership with our team to help you every step of your plant life cycle, evaluations of high-level opportunities for instrumentation and control implementations. Vivace is proud to have a team with over 25 years of experience and highly qualified and we can help you successfully in:

  • Repairs of field devices
  • Technical assistance in the field
  • Commissioning, startup and assisted operation
  • Maintenance plans
  • Consulting in automation projects
  • Certifications for digital networks
  • Field device specifications
  • Electronic and Mechanical Development

Vivace has a team of professionals with extensive experience in project area and is able to assist in choosing the best alternatives and products. Vivace has its services based on technical analysis, detailed knowledge and expertise. Combining knowledge and instrumentation segment experience and control with the best practices, our teams will help with actions that will have positive and continuous commercial impacts, ensuring consistent and measurable results continuously. In addition, Vivace has a wide range of products to improve the operating performance of your instrumentation.

With Vivace services, customers protect their investment by reducing downtime and maximizing operational performance levels. Our teams have the experience to meet any customer's needs quickly, technical knowledge and consistent and reliable support in several areas, technologies and industries.