Electronic and Mechanical Development

The Research and Development division at Vivace Process Instruments is specialist in the development of electronic and mechanical solutions. Its R & D activities are results of their intellectual capital. Their capacity development, innovation and exploitation of technology is derived from the composition of intangible assets of the company. Thus, Vivace is your best partner and provide solutions to your needs in development projects.

Our projects combine quality with cost reduction in order to obtain appropriate solutions, efficient production processes, making competitive products on the market.

These projects and products are intend to be applied in several areas as industrial, commercial etc., having an accumulated expertise of several years in the areas of electronic and mechanical developments. We operate in all stages of development of a new product for your company, since the specifications of the necessary resources, development of hardware and software, assembly of prototypes, printed circuit board layout, functional and reliability testing.

We provide technical services to companies that have specific difficulties in electronic and mechanical engineering, such as EMI / EMC interference, search for new components and solutions, intrinsically safe, explosion proof etc. We have expertise in a lot of areas and industrial automation:

  • automotive electronics
  • communication protocols
  • power control for engines
  • power converters
  • digital communication
  • wireless communication
  • low power circuits
  • circuits with microcontrollers: Microchip, STMicroelectronics, Texas, Freescale, intel etc.
  • equipment for medical and veterinary use
  • agricultural equipment
  • acquisition and signal conditioning
  • functional tests for production line and labs
  • jigs for testing and production line
  • thermal camera testing: -40ºC to 150ºC
  • pressure tests
  • assembly language, C, C ++, Java and VB
  • PCB projects
  • and mechanical design drawings

Vivace has professionals with extensive experience in developing software tools and firmware and embedded software (for 8-bit to 32-bit microcontrollers), PC applications and mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Our focus on project development is the application of the latest technologies in order to maximize your competitiveness in the market.

Our design solutions, if necessary, may also include the developing of test jigs and software platforms for the production process and acceptance testing and supporting for certifications processes, etc.


Our way of actuating allows that projects can be developed, quickly and affordably, with the latest technology and in some cases, we can be responsible for the maintenance and evolution of the product.


A predominant feature of the Vivace in its activities is the constant innovation. Through continuous investment in research and development and a highly qualified technical team, the company generates technology and world-class products.


Its ability to develop innovative and high quality standard solutions make its R & D process comparable to the most modern in the world, consolidating its position as a reference in technology and equipment to the various segments.