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If you love challenges, are receptive to new, have divergent and expansive thinking, have innovative and creative profile with a focus on results, will be part of Vivace team.

We need:

People who have their feet on the ground and head on the stars.

People able to dream without fear of dreams.

As idealists that turn their dreams into goals.

Practical people able to realize their goals.

Determined people that never give up building their destiny and designing their lives.

People who do not fear change and learn to take advantage of them

That make your work the object of pleasure and a substantial portion of personal fulfillment.

That realize a strong impetus to their own motivation in the vision and mission of their professional lives, in function of their humanistic dedications for the humanity,

People with dignity, which lead to consistency in their speeches, their actions, their beliefs and values.

We need people to question, not only for the simple question, but also for the intimate need in only to apply the best ideas.

People who show their legal face of partners. Without showing as superior nor inferior. But ... equal.

Brave people to open paths, meet challenges, create solutions, take calculated risks. Without fear of making mistakes.

We need people who build their teams and integrate them. Not to take the power to themselves, but that know to share it.

People who do not grapple with their own brightness, but the brightness of the result achieved in group.

We need people who see the trees and also pay attention in the magic forest.

Who has perception of the whole and the part.

Fair human beings who inspire confidence and demonstrate confidence in partners.

Encouraging them, energizing them, without fear that they make shade, but priding them.

We need people who create around teriselves an enthusiasm environment, freedom, responsibility, determination, respect and friendship.

We need rational beings. As rational to understand that personal fulfillment is linked to the flow the emotions.

It is in the emotion that we find the reason for living.

We need people who can manage THINGS and lead PEOPLE.

Adapted from Isaac Libermann text.