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VCI10-BH is a HART® communication interface for use with Bluetooth® devices. It allows connection to HART® networks making easier commissioning, operation, maintenance and calibration processes, as well as, diagnostics and data acquisition of any HART® device.

It can operate connected into the HART® bus or in stand-alone mode. When in stand-alone mode it can power the device directly and there is no need for any external source. This feature is very useful in bench work or in initial configuration when the HART® network is not yet established. A rechargeable long-life battery powers the VCI10-BH.
In Android® devices VCI10-BH works with VMT-HART application, Vivace Mobile Tool and in Windows® devices works with tools based on FDT / DTM and EDDL.
*Each interface comes with one Vivace Mobile Tool application license  for one Android® device. Additional licenses are sold on demand.

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