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Profibus-PA Multipoint Transmitter (Temperature & I/O)

VTT10-MP is a temperature transmitter with analog inputs and outputs for panel mounting, which has a multifunction LCD display. It accepts TC, RTD, Ohm and mV sensors.

The transmitter is powered by a 9 to 32 Vdc voltage, accepting up to eight inputs for 2- or 3-wire temperature sensors, plus two analog inputs (voltage: 0-5 Vac or current: 4-20 mA), configured by the user.

* The power supplies shown on figures above refer to 4-20 mA devices connection only. VTT10-MP is powered by Profibus PA bus.
It also has two analog outputs (4 -20 mA) that are available for actuation in final control elements, such as valve positioners. It can be configured through commercially available tools, based on EDDL and DTM or locally, using a magnetic key.
Provides cost reduction of installation and design through the availability of eight independent temperature channels and analog input and output signal converters.

The DTM Library for Profibus-PA devices can be found on:



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