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Fieldbus Conditioner

VCF10 is a power conditioner with active impedance control circuit for Profibus PA and Foundation fieldbus ™ protocols according to IEC 61158-2.

It provides the perfect powering of the field devices and prevents the conventional power supply to absorb the communication signal. The purpose of this impedance is to implement an output circuit where the impedance is greater than 3 KΩ, and when assembling in parallel with two 100 Ω ±2% terminators, it results in 50 Ω line impedance approximately. 

There are two LED for power and fault indication. VFC10 can support redundancy when two power conditioners work in redundancy mode in order to enhance the reliability of the system. For this proposal, connect two VFC10 where its output (+ and -) are connected in parallel. When using this configuration, use an external bus terminator to allow maintenance or replacing the VCF10 in case of failure without interrupting the fieldbus communication.


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