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HART Multipoint Transmitter

VTT10-MH is a member of the Vivace Process Instruments Temperature Transmitters family, designed for DIN rail or field installation using appropriate housing. It accepts various types of sensors, such as thermocouples and RTDs, plus resistance and millivoltage signals.

The transmitter is powered by a voltage of 12 to 45 Vdc and has six inputs for two or three-wire temperature sensors, with individual 4-20 mA current outputs for each sensor, configured by the user.

Easy to install and initialize, the transmitter also features ambient temperature measurement, sensor average and backup, plus a number of alerts for sensor measurement and status limits. The configuration uses HART® 7 communication protocol, already recognized as the most used in the industrial automation world for configuration, calibration, monitoring and diagnostics, and can be performed by user with a HART® configurator or tools based in EDDL or FDT/DTM.

A biblioteca DTM para os equipamentos HART pode ser encontrada no link abaixo:



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