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The VCI10-UP is a Profibus-PA communication interface for devices with USB type-A standard connection. It Allows connection to Profibus-PA networks making commissioning, operation, maintenance and calibration processes easier, as well as diagnostics and data acquisition of any Profibus-PA device.

It can operate connected into the Profibus-PA bus or in stand-alone mode. When in stand-alone mode it can power the device directly and there is no need for coupler DP/PA to stablish the communication. This feature is very useful in bench work or in initial configuration when the Profibus-PA network is not yet established.

It operates at low power, with insulation and it is compatible with Profibus-PA protocol. The VCI10-UP is power by USB PC port, requiring no external power. In stand-alone mode eliminates the need for couplers DP/PA.

VCI10-UP, in addition to allowing easy parameterization and calibration of PROFIBUS-PA equipment with FDT/DTM tools (eg PACTware, FieldCare, FieldMate etc.) also works as a message (frames) analyzer, using the PA-SNIFFER® tool.

PA-SNIFFER® is a powerful tool from VIVACE, provided free of charge to the user and which allows a complete analysis of PROFIBUS-PA frames, identifying the different types of messages, services, diagnostics, communication errors, checksum errors, messages without replies, retransmissions, Live List, communication state machine status of each device of the live list, statistics by address, quick lookup services, etc. When clicking on a captured frame, a decoded frame format will be displayed for analysis at different layers of the protocol. In addition, you can associate with GSD files and tags according to your PROFIBUS network, monitor the cyclic values and export them to an Excel spreadsheet.

The DTM Library for Profibus-PA devices can be found on:


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