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The VCI10-UP is a Profibus-PA communication interface for devices with USB type-A standard connection. It Allows connection to Profibus-PA networks making commissioning, operation, maintenance and calibration processes easier, as well as diagnostics and data acquisition of any Profibus-PA device.

It can operate connected into the Profibus-PA bus or in stand-alone mode. When in stand-alone mode it can power the device directly and there is no need for coupler DP/PA to stablish the communication. This feature is very useful in bench work or in initial configuration when the Profibus-PA network is not yet established.

It operates at low power, with insulation and it is compatible with Profibus-PA protocol. The VCI10-UP is power by USB PC port, requiring no external power. In stand-alone mode eliminates the need for couplers DP/PA.

The DTM Library for Profibus-PA devices can be found on:


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